Brooklyn, New York 

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 

TV Show: 
Gotham or Game of Thrones 

The Beatles 

 Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman & Johnny Depp 

 Authors & Artists you look up to: 
William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Bob Kane


Pet peeve: 
People who show up at my door with no warning. (Call first!) 
People who aren't on time. I HATE BEING LATE!!!

Secret Talent:
I know all the words to every Beatles song. 

If you weren’t an artist/writer what would your occupation be?
I’d probably be a bounty hunter. 

What are you really bad at? 
Holding my tongue.

What are you afraid of? 

What makes you laugh?
Bugs Bunny cartoons. 

What actor would play you in a movie about your life?
That’s easy, Dwayne Johnson lol. 

What has been the toughest thing about being an artist/writer?
Learning how to write for myself first not for the masses. 

What has been the best thing about being an artist/writer?
Being able to interact with so many different kinds of people at cons and inspiring kids!

 What advice would you give to aspiring artist/writer?
Keep grounded despite the success! Write and design for yourself and the like kind fans and supporters will follow.